Sunday 17th September Eerde / Veghel / Heeswijk Dinther

September 17: the Airborne Committee in Eerde hosted us for the entire day

and evening with their great food and hospitality.

After coffee in the windmill,

and a tour of the countryside with explanations of what happened at the different sites in September
1944, we witnessed their annual liberation ceremony at the 501 PIR monument in Eerde.

During the day, emotions ran deep as we gathered at the site of the explosion of an ammunition truck in 1944 which
killed several 101st troopers. One was the fiancÚ of Elaine Smith. This was Elaine's first visit to Eerde and the place
where her fiancÚ, Carman S. Ladner died.

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We enjoyed the company of veterans in attendance from the 501st who jumped on September 17,
1944 near the windmill : Bert Collier, Bobby Hunter and John Primerano.