Plans for Operation Torch are materialising.
The friendship between the World War II liberators and the Dutch people has stood like a rock since 1944.
Many a veteran re-visited his "second home" in Holland. The Dutch people have always been, and still are, not only interested in,
but grateful towards their liberators - whether they be American, British, Polish or Canadian. They are welcomed with open arms.

Now that veterans are becoming more and more unable to attend the liberation ceremonies and festivities, a bridge needs to be build
in order to continue the friendship which originated in WWII. One of the main objectives of Operation Torch is to organise a trip for
(associate) members of the 101st Airborne Division Association to visit the Operation Market Garden area in September 2006.
he invitation to visit is now extended to younger veterans, family members of WWII veterans and anyone interested in the history.

The main objectives of OPERATION TORCH are:

remembering the sacrifice
keeping the memory alive