After action report OPERATION TORCH 2006 - Pathfinders

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Lots of pictures combined with an interesting report on the visit to the battlefield areas of Operation Market Garden
and Bastogne, Belgium.


****Sunday 27th August 2006****
With 19 days to go until the start of Operation Torch, members of the Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation are buzzing with activities.
There are hotels to book, transportation to take care of, communication between the different co-operating groups to hold and agenda's to line up.

A group of 13 is expected to arrive on the 15th September. Smaller than expected but with the slogan "quality over quantity", the Foundation's
members are anxious to meet the participants and let them experience the Dutch interest and friendship towards our former liberators.

The daily programmes have taken shape and will fill the promise of a good time for all. There's room for some individual wishes without breaking
up the general route of events. A remarkable occurance throughout the preparations over the past months was the expression by many people who
warmly greet our initiative. Compliments and donations were made, supporting comments received.


****February 2006****

At the end of 2005 plans to take on the organisation of Operation Torch were executed. With the help of many energetic and enthusiastic groups and individuals, a preliminary program was set up, logo's designed, cost calculations made and a colorful promotion leaflet printed.
In February 2006 the official launch of Operation Torch was held at the 101st Airborne Association, Florida Chapter's famous Snowbird Reunion in Orlando, Florida. The plan was introduced for the Board of Governors of the Association and was met with great enthusiasm. It was unfortunate that the dates for Operation Torch coincided with the planned Vietnam veterans reunion in September 2006. Unfortunately, dates for Operation Torch cannot be moved as they are connected to the dates of liberation of various places in The Netherlands and the related liberation activities.