****28th December 2007****
In order to finance the Foundation's activities, we have started to put up a DIGITAL WEBSTORE.
Not as professionally set-up as most stores found on the internet yet, but a start nonetheless. Please take a look at
our store
. And do come back over the next few weeks as we will post more items.

Special thanks to Joseph M. Bossi CSM (Ret), the 327th Infantry Regiment, the 506th Regiment and the
101st Airborne Division for their donations!

****13 December 2007****
At the invitation of COS Oost Brabant (Centre for International Cooperation), and in cooperation with the
Young Dutch Veterans and students of the Fontys College in Eindhoven, our Foundation participated on the 13th December
in a debate about RESPECT and FREEDOM. Under the capable debate leader Hafid Boutaebi, different theses were cast,
some on recent events, some of a more general nature.

The Foundation SEWWII had two guest speakers at the debate: Joe Bossi (who flew over from the United States for the
Memorial Walk in Bastogne)
and Albert Roxs (who experienced the liberation of Eindhoven in 1944 as a young boy).

A musical intermezzo was provided by 11PM with a beautiful song which they will also sing during the annual Torch Parade
on Christmas Eve.
All in all, a different and meaningful activity for the Foundation : speaking with younger generations
on the themes that are so important to all of us, no matter which background.

For more information,
visit the following websites:

****November 5, 2007****

Joseph M. Bossi, CSM (Ret), our U.S. Director of Operations,

returned home to Tennessee after Operation Torch 2007 and sent an email message out that he was back on base.
One of the participants of the year before (Operations Torch 2006 - PATHFINDERS), Kathy Moe Hagen, replied to Joe's message with a poem

Welcome Home Dear Keeper of the Dream

Pathfinder & Guardian of 101st
Joe Bossi walks, talks, flies everywhere.
He pins people with commemorative coins
Fashions hats, beheads?
No.( becaps)
those of us whose family members are now gone.
He tells history,
explains where your loved one's "good" company was during battles.
He knows more American history
than most full professors do
in our colleges & universities.

Mostly, he keeps the dream alive.
He does this for us -- for all of us.
Like our soldiers do for us,
Then and now.

Thank you for all you do
for all of us.

Last year's trip was the most wonderful thing I ever did in my life.
You simply have more patriotism in your little finger
than most of us will ever amass in a lifetime.
And I am one very grateful person to have known the likes of you.

Love to you & your family Kathy Moe Hagen **** Americans are in your debt.

Thank you Kathy and Joe for sharing with us!!

****November 3, 2007****
Three of the participants of Operation Torch 2007 are members of The Emerald Society "Firefighters of Washington DC".
This organisation is a Firefighters based, fraternal and family organisation whose goals are to forward the Irish tradition,
give families of similar interest a place to meet, and raise money for charity.

During Operation Torch 2007, one of them, Mr R. Purdy, who is a member of the Emerald Society's Pipes and Drums,
treated us to his bagpipe music during several of the remembrance ceremonies and the Welcome Party.

Mr R. Purdy at U.S. military cemetery Margraten in The Netherlands (September 2007)

Here is a link to one of the performances of the Emerald Society's Pipes and Drums:

One of the charities into which the Emerald Society's Pipes and Drums put their time and effort is the
D.C. Firefighters Burn Foundation, a non-profit organisation which cares and supports firemen and their families
and other burn victims.

You can find the D.C. Firefighters Burn Foundation through the home page of The Emerald Society "Firefighters of Washington DC"

Should you wish to make a donation you can do so by making a check payable to the

D.C. Firefighters Burn Foundation and mail to
D.C. Firefighters' Burn Foundation
P.O. Box 71056 Washington, DC 20024

Be ensured your money is well spent!

****October 28, 2007****
Our newsletter for the third quarter of 2007 with a picture review of Operation Torch 2007 was sent out recently. At the same time, pictures
were updated on the website and the dates were set for Operation Torch 2008.
More information like prices, hotel accommodation and the
definite program will be posted as we go along.

Mini reunion SNOWBIRD reunion, 101st Assn, Orlando, FL (January 31st - February 3rd 2008):
Plans are made to hold a mini-reunion of Operation Torch Participants at the annual SNOWBIRD reunion hosted by the Florida Sunshine
Chapter. Don't miss it! To register for the SNOWBIRD reunion : go to

****October 8, 2007****
Our newsletter for the third quarter of 2007 will be a little later than usual. We expect it to come rolling in at the beginning of next week with a
nice summary on Operation Torch 2007.
Please bear with us.

****August 22 2007****
It's with great sadness that we publish the following news:
Cpl Richard Ed "Dick" Turner, 1B- 506 PIR, 101st Airborne passed away on Sunday, August 19th. Apparently, Dick, as we came to know him at
the Static Line reunion in Atlanta, GA in April, had been ill and in hospital for much of the past 3 months.

In Apri 2007l, Dick surprised us with the gift of the booklet he has been giving away for years. We asked for, and got, his permission to publish one
of the stories from this booklet on this website.

Many people knew Dick as the "Citrus Man" - many people also mistakenly took him for the owner of a citrus plantation in Florida because he
was the man behind the bags of citrus fruit at the famous Snowbird reunions in Orlando, FL. Dick used to chuckle about that : he bought
the fruit at a neighbouring roadside stall to give away at the reunion. Here is a note from Dick accompanying the gift of citrus fruit:

The citrus fruit story is typical of the man he was : full of humor, modesty and sincerity.

Dick will be buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Orlando, Florida on Thursday, August 23 at 10:00 am. Should you wish to convey condoleances
to his wife and family, you can do so by sending your message to

****19 August 2007****
From J. Brise Bickerton
President 506th Airborne Infantry Association:

" It gives me great pleasure to announce that Joseph M. Bossi, CSM USA (ret.) has agreed to assume the duties of being the Associations primary
representative at and in the Fort Campbell area with the title of Honorary Command Sergeant Major, The 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association.

This really formalizes a role Joe has played for the Association of late as well as recognizes the many ways in which he has contributed to the growth
of our Association. I do not believe we could have found a better man or a better friend than we have in Joe and hope that all of you get a chance to
meet with him at some time in the future."


****24 May 2007****
Shortly, a new item will be posted on this site named "Tales of World War Two".

Over the years, the Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation has gathered storiesabout every day people remembering every day life during that
eventful period in history. Some of these accounts have been published before, but most have never seen the light of day. They are not
the stories of big battles, heroes or the misery of war. The goal in publicising these stories is to describe the background against which the battles
took place, the heroes became evident and this misery developed in order to be able to put these in perspective. Sometimes the stories
emphasize the brighter side of war - sometimes they just give more color to the usual black and white image.

One of these stories, as told by Erwin Janssen and Elaine Smith, has already been described : HERE

But there are more - lots more. Come back in a few days and read the first one!

****4 May 2007 (2)****
Today is national memorial or remembrance day in The Netherlands. The day we honor ALL people killed in World War II, military and civilian.
Tomorrow, the 5th of May is National Liberation Day. This year, in Eerde, the ceremony was again well attended. As usual, several WWII vehicles
made a nice background near the Geronimo monument. At 19.45 hours, a silent procession walks from the village church to the monument. A procession
of schoolchildren, a marching band, the preacher, the Airborne Committee of Eerde and visitors. At exactly 20.00 hours, two minutes of silence are
requested at the monument.
All over the country those two minutes are honored - even trains are stopped, where ever they are. The preacher, the schoolchildren and the
councilman all have their speeches. Flowers are placed at the monument and the Last Post is heard. All of it very impressive.
The most striking though were the closing words of the representative of the Airborne Committee Eerde:
"During the preparations of this ceremony, I have often thought of Corporal COR STRIK, who died in Afghanistan on the 20th of April 2007.
Five Dutch servicemen died before Cor Strik during this mission. One of them was MICHAEL DONKERVOORT, a pilot from nearby
Veghel, who was killed in action last year flying his F16. In contrast, the death of Cor Strik has gotten a lot of media attention because he
was the first serviceman to die as a direct result of the war. One wonders if this is justified, for the five other servicemen who also died
in this country far away from The Netherlands, were there to contribute to a better Afghanistan and a safer world too.
The media attention surrounding Cor Strik, however, does show us the impact of a servicman killed in action.
Cor Strik was a young man with plans for the future. His time in Afghanistan was almost completed. He was going to return to his parents,
to his friends, to his soccer club. But a landmine abruptly ended his life.
During the liberation of The Netherlands in 1944-1945, 30.000 foreign servicemen were killed in action in The Netherlands.
30.000, an impressive number. One thinks of long rows of crosses in a war cemetary. Each of these crosses representing an abruptly ended
life, leaving behind mourning family members and friends. That is the sacrifice offered so that we may enjoy the freedom in which we live. Every
day on the news we are confronted with the fact that this freedom is not free. It is important that we keep reflecting on how costly our freedom really is."

****4 May 2007 (1)****
Joseph M. Bossi, CSM (Ret) and Director of US Operations for the Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation, presented the complete series of booklets
compiled by Pete Pulles to MG J.J. Schloesser while explaining plans for Operation Torch.

From left to right: Frank Grippe (Division Command Sergeant Major), Jeffrey J. Schloesser
(MG, USA Commanding) and Joe Bossi (CSM (Ret))

In the photo, Joe is wearing a t-shirt donning the original wind-mill at Eerde, The Netherlands. During World War II, the 101st Airborne
Division (501 PIR and the 907th Glider Field Artillery Battalion) fought several battles in and around Eerde.
The windmill was heavily damaged in the fight.

Not only is there a very active group of people in Eerde who strive to keep the memory alive of the battles in and around Eerde
but they're also a group, closely connected to the first, who strive to have the damaged windmill restored. Read more about both on:

Airborne Committee Eerde

Stichting Eerdse Molen

****30 April 2007****
On April 11-14th, five members of the Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation presented the plans for the Operation Torch tour at the
Static Line reunion in Atlanta, GA (

Both the Foundation and Operation Torch were met with great enthusiasm. Don Lassen, the organiser and central core of this annual
event which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, graciously presented the Dutch delegation during the banquet.

Left to right: Frits Janssen, Barry Pulles, Leoni Wenstedt (members Foundation)
and Petra Wenstedt-Pulles (secretary Foundation)
Photo courtesy Mr M. Larkin Complete report on the Static Line Reunion and Fort Campbell, Kentucky After the Static Line reunion, the Foundation's director of US operations, Joseph M. Bossi, hosted this Dutch party and gave them a
full tour of Fort Campbell. In the process, the Dutch delegation was invited by General Rife and Colonel Vail (despite their busy schedules)
to present both the Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation and the Operation Torch 2007 plans.
Both General Rife and Colonel Vail hold the history of the 101st Airborne Division high. This history includes the special bond the
Division has with the Dutch people in general and the people of the so called "Corridor" in the Netherlands especially.
The Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation strives to continue this very special friendship by inviting veterans, families of veterans and active
duty personnel to participate in the Operation Torch trip with two goals in mind:
Keeping the memory alive
Honoring the sacrifice
It was therefore a special honor to be enable to present plans for Operation Torch 2007 to the Division.

Left to right: Petra Wenstedt-Pulles, General Rife, Frits Janssen, Barry Pulles
****4 April 2007****
Preparations are finalised on the promotion of Operation Torch 2007 at the Airborne Awards
reunion organised by the Static Line magazine 11-14 April in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation will be represented by 5 of its members at this reunion. Joe, Frits, Barry, Leoni and Petra
will be carrying enough promotion material to convince a whole army to join Operation Torch 2007!
They will give a full after action report on their return.

****31 March 2007****

The daily programme for Operation Torch 2007 has been set as follows:

Friday 14th 	       
Saturday 15th		
Sunday 16th		 	
Monday 17th		 	
Tuesday 18th		
Wednesday 19th		
Thursday 20th			
Friday 21st			
Saturday 22nd			
Sunday 23rd		 	
Monday 24th			 
Sunday 25th			
Arrival and WWII style party
Nijmegen / Groesbeek (82nd Airborne Division)
Best / Son / St Oedenrode
Eerde / Veghel / Heeswijk-Dinther
Eindhoven Liberation Commemmoration Ceremony
US Military cemetary Margraten / Bastogne
Bastogne and surrounding area
Bastogne / US Military cemetary Henri Chapelle
Commemmorative dropping at Ginkelse Hei
"The Island"

On Tuesday morning, 18th September, there's room for optional visits to different monuments in the Eindhoven area depending on individual requests.
In view of the weather, alternative plans have been set for a visit to the war museum at Overloon on Saturday 22nd September should the
commemmorative dropping be cancelled.

****13 February 2007****
Joseph M. Bossi, our contact in the United States, also known as "Director of US Operations"
for the Foundation, has accepted the task of Honorary BCT Command Sergeant Major (1st Brigade Combat Team "Bastogne")


Congratulations Joe! We are proud of you.






****11 February 2007****

A first for the Foundation : a stall at the annual sales event of the WHEELS organisation
Our goals were to try and put some money in the "kitty" and to present ourselves. Both were succesful and definitely to be repeated next year.

Thank you WHEELS!

****28 January 2007****
Preparations for a new Operation Torch Tour in September 2007 are in full swing. The trip will be extended with 1 day (total of 11 days) which
gives a little more room in the busy programme. Again the tour will include hotels, meals and day trips. In our preparations one important factor of
last year's success is guarded: the personal touch.

Price and details will be posted within a few days.

Operation Torch 2007 will again be launched at the 101st Airborne Division reunion in Kissimmee, Florida, this time by a lovely delegation of
Operation Torch Pathfinders!