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*** October 28th, 2012 ***

***On October 23rd, 1st Brigade Combat Team held their Casing of the Colors ceremony at Ft Campbell, KY, USA in preparation of their next deployment to
Afghanistan. Our US Director of Operations, Honorary CSM Joseph M. Bossi was present:

Pictures courtesy Leaf Chronicle

left & right: Col. A. Poppas and CSM J. Bossi (Ret)


Let's keep the men and women of 1st BCT in our prayers while they are in harm's way.

***On October 4th, we attended the ceremony of extinguishing the Torch of Freedom in Eindhoven. The flame will be ceremonially handed over to different organisations in
The Netherlands in order to light torches during their liberation ceremonies. A humble ceremony.

*** September 18th, 2012 ***

Liberation ceremony in Eindhoven, The Netherlands with the parade, speeches and lighting of the Torch of Freedom on City Hall Square

Different units of the Dutch army, active duty and veterans.

And this year, the 101st Airborne Demonstration Team who improvised their entry in the parade at the last minute. Job well done, guys! You are so welcome in Eindhoven - then and now.

Left: the 101st Airborne Demonstration Team meeting Mayor Van Gijzel of Eindhoven.

Peter Hendrikx found an original way to transport his gift to the 101st Airborne Demonstration Team:

he presented them with the photobooks ORANGE IS THE COLOR OF THE DAY and D-DAY MINUS 17 september 1944 by Peter Hendrikx and Michel de Trez. A fitting gift to a unique team. (See 14th September)


Pictures courtesy of: Tom Timmermans, Francois van Loo, and Koninklijke Landmacht.


*** September 17th, 2012 ***

Liberation ceremony in Eerde, The Netherlands

A nice crowd, as usual. Great to see Mr John Primerano (left), WWII 501 and Mr Ray Nagell (right), WWII Artillery - 101st Airborne Division - present.

Left: always special guests, always welcome. But for how long? We wish forever, but we know different...we cherish them, all of them.

Right: Nelly Van Loo and Leoni Wenstedt with some flowers on behalf of the Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation.

Isn't it a beauty? The restored windmill in Eerde. So much history, so much local enthusiasm and passion, so much love for the 101st Airborne Division and the men of the 501 PIR.
Thank you friends of the Airborne Committee Eerde for a job well done, once again.

*** September 16th, 2012 ***
A sunny Sunday morning, very much like the one on 17th September 1944:

Son, The Netherlands
Corner of Ockhuizenweg/Sonniuswijk at the edge of the WWII landing and dropzone:
a nice crowd is listening to the Mayor of Son praising the initiative to this monument dedicated to the Troop Carrier Groups.
Speeches were shortly interrupted by a circling C47 (Dakota) waiting to drop its load

"Freedom was literally delivered to us" is a quote by co-initiator Hans den Brok from the Remember September 1944 Foundation.
Delivered by the brave pilots, gliderpilots and flight crews of the Troop Carrier Groups.

Two jumps with the WWII type shutes on the former dropzone A great tribute to the sacrifices, the courage and the professionalism of the Troop Carrier Groups. And the 101st Airborne Division demonstration team with "flying matressess", carrying the US flag and the MIA-flag.
In 2012 a large group of people is still grateful, remembering and honoring.
Everyone in their own way, enjoying freedom.
And some, like these three little guys (and their Daddies...) hold the future for us.

*** September 15th, 2012 ***
After the Dutch military attaché to the US gave us a "heads up" that an article on the Honorary Membership of our secretary Leoni Wenstedt was posted on the Dutch
Department of Defense internal website, he also sent us the August issue of the Dutch Ministry of Defense paper in which the article (and picture) was printed (page 8).
That started some more media attention...flabbergasting our secretary :)
More to follow!

*** September 14th, 2012 ***
Today, September 14th was the kick off for the Dropzone A1 event near Heeswijk castle in The Netherlands.

Starting with a commemmoration at the 101st Airborne monument near the castle, with honored guests like the US military attaché to The Netherlands, Col. Buzzerio and Mr John Primerano (501 WWII veteran),

we were invited for coffee in the castle and the presentation of the photobook ORANGE IS THE COLOR OF THE DAY by Peter Hendrikx and Michel de Trez. Almost 600 pages and more than 850 pictures, beautifully done by two people who have put a great effort in assembling these unique photo's
on the 101st Airborne Division during Operation Market Garden and on "The Island" in 1944.

The book (ISBN 978-2-9540297-1-9) is available through Michel de Trez's website.

JOB WELL DONE guys!!!  

A second book: D-DAY MINUS 17 september 1944, is a photobook too of the 101st ABN Division prior to Operation Market Garden. (ISBN 978-2-9540297-0-2)

Also available through Michel de Trez's website.

*** September 1st, 2012 ***
The agenda for upcoming Liberation events in The Netherlands and Belgium is finalising - look at our update!

*** August 26th, 2012 ***
Official announcement came a few days ago:
FORT CAMPBELL, KY. — The 1st Brigade Combat Team “Bastogne,” 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) has been notified to deploy as part of the upcoming rotation of forces in Afghanistan.
The Department of Defense officially announced Friday the deployment of approximately 1,900 active component soldiers from 1st BCT as both battle space integrators and functional advisory
and assistance teams for the Afghan Security Forces.
Source: The Leaf Chronicle

(photo The Leaf Chronicle)

Please keep these men and women, about to be sent into harm's way into your prayers.

*** August 25th, 2012 ***
Some events of the past two months:

***Invited by 327th Infantry Regiment, 1BCT, 101st Airborne Division: our chairperson Petra Wenstedt-Pulles and secretary Leoni Wenstedt travelled to Ft Campbell,
KY, USA to attend the Week of the Eagles. Lots of things were going on, not only at Ft Cambell but also in Nashville where the 101st ABN Division Association held its national
reunion. Too many activities to be able to attend them all - but we experienced a great selection like Week of the Eagles Division Review, 13th Biennal reunion of the First
Brigade Separate, the memorial dinner of the 101st Vietnam Veterans Association and, to Leoni's BIG surprise: the induction ceremony of Distinguished (and Honored) Members
of the 327th Infantry Regiment.

Enjoy a selection of pictures:

Clubs everywhere, celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the 101st Airborne Division.
Proud to be a member of the 'Club':
f.l.t.r.: Petra Wenstedt-Pulles, Maj. De Lange and Leoni Wenstedt
Part of the Division Review on the 17th August with Director Petraeus holding a speech.
A real Superman, in a company of supermen National AIRBORNE day... A shared bond between the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) and the Dutch people in a large part of The Netherlands.

***Kevin Deering and his wife Betty visited Europe once again, hosted by our Belgium friends from Retie (Kortijnen), Belgium where one of four pathfinder planes crashed which flew
into Operation Market Garden on September 17th, 1944. Kevin's uncle, George L. Sarlas, died in that crash.

We first met Kevin in 2001, after having corresponded for over a year together with Linda Shauvin (daughter of pilot Eugene Shauvin). Our quest on more information about the crash
and details on the situation brought about a strong friendship. It was just wonderful to see Kevin again and share some memories together:

At Margraten cemetery, The Netherlands Eugene Shauvin is still MIA A visit to Eerde, The Netherlands to admire the restored windmill.


*** June 24th, 2012 ***
Through our friends from the Screaming Ducks, we received some links to pictures and movies for the SANTA FE event. Enjoy!

Movie 1

Movie 2 Movie 3 Movie 4

Movie 5

  Foto Albert Overloon   SANTE FE website  

And slowly we're filling in our agenda for 2012.

*** June 16th, 2012 ***
***Visiting the Santa Fe event on the grounds of the Liberty Park museum in Overloon, The Netherlands, you're bound to run into some old friends.

It's a two day event, so if you like to give Dad what he wants for Father's Day, take him to Overloon between 10.00 and 18.00 hours! Best Fathers Day present ever...

***If you have to miss the Santa Fe event tomorrow, perhaps you would like to mark your calender for September 15th and 16th, 2012.

*** June 14th, 2012 ***
Playing "catch up":
Our chairperson Petra Wenstedt-Pulles, on May 15th, finally returned from her police mission in Kosovo after 1 year.

With our secretary Leoni having left for an internship in Spain in February 2012, the Foundation had been severely handicapped in terms of activities after our visit to
Bastogne, Belgium in December 2011 where we attended the liberation ceremonies with
Colonel McGee, Captain Bushatz, CSM Benson and Honorary CSM Bossi (Ret)
from the 1st Brigade Combat Team (327th Infantry Regiment), 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault).

So, time to get things started again.

There were the Memorial Day ceremonies 2012 of course, at the US cemetery Margraten in The Netherlands to attend:

On June 11th and 12th, we showed Austrialian Jason and American Alice and David around the Operation Market Garden battle field highlights. Thanks to Erwin and Andreas, they enjoyed
some special times:

Erwin explaining the beautiful wall paintings inside the restored windmill in Eerde
Isn't she a beauty?

An artist's impression of resurrection in the museum in Groesbeek

Andreas from the Screaming Ducks explaining about the monument near Driel:
a monument to commemmorate the brave men of the British and Canadian Engineers who, during the night of 25/26 September 1944, in a joint effort and at great peril, saved some 2400 exhausted and frightened British and Polish troops who had been surrounded for days by the enemy.  

So, busy once more, and getting back into the swing of things.
Priority number one on the Foundation's to-do list for the second half of 2012
will be re-editing the P.M. Pulles rosters with a wealth of new information and publishing this new edition
of the series. Priority number two will be to include a e-shop on this website in order to generate new funds to support number one.

Due to the necessary time to realise these goals, the decision had to be taken to cancel plans for Operation Torch 2012.

Very unfortunate to do so, but reality needs to be considered. One of the main arguments in our decision is the fact that the P.M. Pulles rosters have been,
are, and will be, the Foundation's core business.

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