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*** 8 December 2014 ***

*** It may not be too late to order your copy of the 2014 version of the Screaming Eagles of WWII book now. Christmas orders have been coming in on a regular basis.
Don't wait too long and you may receive it in time for Christmas!

*** Next weekend we'll be in Bastogne, Belgium to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. Are YOU going to be there?

*** 2 November 2014 ***

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up on Christmas morning and find the 2014 SCREAMING EAGLES OF WWII reference book in your stocking?

Order now and Santa will get to your chimney in time!

More info and prices on this unique reference book.


*** 2 November 2014 ***
Recently, while working through our archives, we came across this lovely tribute to pvt Robert H. LUNDY, 101 WWII veteran, 501/D.
We thank you for our freedom, sir!

*** 5 October 2014 ***
The 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge (Bastogne, Belgium) is just around the corner!

The weekend of 13 and 14 December 2014 is full with planned activities:

If you haven't booked your accommodation yet, you may want to check out the sports center.
Registration for the Memorial Walk (6, 12 or 20 kms) can only be done in person at the sports center, either Friday 12 December between 3 and 8 pm or on Saturday
13 December from 7 to 9.30 am.


*** 27 September 2014 ***

Piet Pulles ("Pete" to his American friends) was the original author of the series of books "Screaming Eagles of WWII" and the separate book "Honored Dead of WWII".
It took him more than 20 years to collect the basic information on all participants of one of the American Army paratrooper units: the 101st Airborne Division.

Over the years, the booklets became a well-known reference document within the Airborne world. After his death in 1997, the Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation, holding the
copyright to the books, kept the series available on a non-profit basis.

Old version - no longer available

The books, divided per unit, contained a comprehensive list of all 101st Airborne troopers who participated in WWII.

The series consisted of 6 books:
Screaming Eagles of WWII - 101 HQ + Supp. Units
Screaming Eagles of WWII - Artillery
Screaming Eagles of WWII - 327 - 401 GIR
Screaming Eagles of WWII - 501 PIR
Screaming Eagles of WWII - 502 PIR
Screaming Eagles of WWII - 506 PIR

With new and extensive information becoming available through internet, email and electronic databases, the Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation produced a complete new version of the original rosters.

2014 version SCREAMING EAGLES OF WWII book - now available - PRESS RELEASE

One book, 683 pages, some 10-15% new names. Edited and published by the Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation
ISBN 978-90-9028224-4

Information consists of name, rank, unit, home state, date killed in action, date missing in action, date wounded in action and any additional details such as killed in plane crash, type of wounds, place of burial and a check of data against the U.S. National Archives database.


Name rank unit ASN state details
GUARNERE William J. "Wild Bill" ssgt 506 2E 13113070 PA W/Neth/Foy, leg, 01-03

The most comprehensive, most used and most accurate reference material to any researcher of the 101st Airborne Division in World War II.
Price: 75 euro or USD 100.
Due to its weight, postage unfortunately is high.
NL: 9 euro (total 84 euro) EU: 24 euro (total 99 euro) US: USD 50 (total USD 150).

Order your copy by email - we accept payments through PayPal.

*** 12 September 2014 ***
There is another group of individuals that we give special thanks to in the 2014 edition of the SCREAMING EAGLES OF WWII reference book.
Every one of these individuals share our passion for history and for the concept of LEST WE FORGET.

THANK YOU Donald van den Bogert, Erwin Janssen, Tom Timmermans, Kevin Brooks (especially for glidermen data), Dennis van den Heuvel and Gerard Fonteyn.
You have helped us. You have supported us.You had our back. You're the best!

Photo: Thank you kiss. Elvin Harley of Kalamazoo, Michigan of the 3rd Armored Division gets a peck on the cheek from a little French girl, 1944 (from Pininterest)

*** 11 September 2014 ***
The 2014 edition of the SCREAMING EAGLES OF WWII reference book contains between 10 to 15% new entries compared to the original P.M. Pulles rosters.
These new entries were distilled from the INDEX TO THE GENERAL ORDERS IN WWII for the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions as compiled by mr Brandon T. Wiegand
(ISBN 1-932891-30-7, 2004) available through .

The INDEX-work must have been a huge task, something we understand well after four years of checking, double checking, correcting and adding...
Mr Wiegand has an impressive professional linkedin page if you wish to know more about him. His gigantic list of index books on different time periods can be found on

With lots of respect for his work, we again say: THANK YOU, Mr Wiegand, from the bottom of our Airborne hearts

*** 10 September 2014 ***
The second supporter to whom we express our gratitude for his support in the new version of the SCREAMING EAGLES OF WWII book is Mark Alan Bando.
Mr Bando is well known all over the world for the forum he created called Trigger Time . When you check out Trigger Time,
do stop at the books section. The list of books authored by mr Bando is too long for this entry.

The original compiler of the division's roster, Piet M. Pulles (1997), shared research information with mr Bando. From 2000 onwards, mr Bando too supported
our Foundation in its endeavour to keep the rosters up to date. THANK YOU, Mark, from the bottom of our Airborne hearts

*** 9 September 2014 ***
In the new version of the SCREAMING EAGLES OF WWII book we express our gratitude to a number of people who have supported us throughout the years.

The first supporter we would like to highlight is mr George Koskimaki.
During WWII he served with the Screaming Eagles as Gen. Maxwell Taylor's radio operator. In 1948, mr Koskimaki began a teaching career at Roseville High School
where he was also the track coach before moving on to coaching basketball and the backfield for the football team and eventually the Director of Athletics.
He retired after 30 years at RHS.

Mr Koskimaki wrote several books about his and other Screaming Eagles' experiences during the war. Today he donates half of his income from the sale of his books
to the 101st Airborne Association. He says it is the least he can do. (source:

For over 20 years, mr Koskimaki exchanged his 101 research data with the original compiler of the division's roster, Piet M. Pulles (1997).
From 2000 onwards, mr Koskimaki supported our Foundation in its endeavour to keep the rosters up to date.

THANK YOU, George, from the bottom of our Airborne hearts

Books by Koskimaki:

D-DAY with the Screaming Eagles

Hell's Highway

The battered bastards of Bastogne

*** 8 September 2014 ***
A regional news channel in the Operation Market Garden area posted a programme for the week 12-20 September on their site today.
We have translated the programme for our English speaking friends.

*** 7 September 2014 ***
After years of adding, correcting, formatting and editing, we are proud to give you a preview of the new edition of the SCREAMING EAGLES OF WWII book.

The series of six separate books (HQ, Artillery, 327/401 GIR, 501 PIR, 502 PIR and 506 PIR) were integrated into one reference book published by the
Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation, ISBN 978-90-9028224-4.

Release date: 18 September 2014

Price is set at 75 euro or 100 USD, exclusive postage and packaging.
Pre-order and more information through email message.

*** 6 September 2014 ***
It's been a while but we have been busy, very busy.
While preparing a complete new version of the former P.M. Pulles rosters which is to be released on 18 September 2014, we have undergone a make-over.

Thanks to our great supporter, Tessa Schoonhoven (graphic artist), we are proud to present the new logo for our Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation:


Our old logo was created with love some ten years ago. With the creator's permission the Foundation's board of governors requested a design with a more modern look, covering ALL Screaming Eagles while not actually using the 101 patch.

Simultaneously, the new logo suggests movement and focus while breathing professionalism.

We appreciate your feedback!


*** 2 July 2014 ***
After the grand D-Day remembrance events in Normandy, France, there is another event coming up: the 70th anniversary of Operation Dragoon.
Operation Dragoon was staged in Southern France on 15 August 1944. At the time, Southern France was ruled by the French "Vichy government", but only
in name. Nazi Germany had taken over the actual rule of the area (purple in map below) in November 1942 in a reaction to the Allied actions in North Africa.

Often, Operation Dragoon is called "The Forgotten Invasion" as the invasion of Normandy (Operation Overlord) took and akes up all the attention. Moreover, after 70 years, it has
become evident that the language barrier has influenced the remembrance events surrounding Operation Dragoon.

Nevertheless, many activities and events are organized annually in the "Dragoon" area, with next month's celebrations and remembrance ceremonies commemmorating the 70th anniversary.
Below are some events to come.

The Dragoon Historical March on 13 August 2014
Contact for more information on general events

If you are on Facebook, and your basic French is up to par, you could try "70th anniversary of the Provence landing" or the "First Airborne Task Force, The Forgotten
" page. When planning a visit, do not forget to include the Rhône American cemetery in Draguignan.

*** 27 May 2014 ***
We're selling our last items in order to help fund the new release of the P.M. Pulles rosters.

Today's item: a quality copy of the 501 PIR Geronimo patch, approximately 6" (15cm) in diameter. Price inclusive postage 17,50 euro's or USD 24,00.


*** 26 May 2014 ***
Two new books were added to our book review page

Fighting with the Screaming Eagles by Robert Bowen 101st Airborne Division, 401 Glider Infantry - Company C.

A compelling first hand account and a must read if you want to know more about AIRBORNE than paratroops...

ISBN 1-85367-579-2

Give Terry a bone (our secret code), written by Babes van Dillen Clinton, is the story of Nazi occupied Holland, resistance activities and the food programs developed for a large part of the country which went through terrible deprivation in the winter of 1944-1945.

In a matter of fact way, Babes describes the horrors of day to day life. No exaggeration, no niceties but a civil account of a humble lady.

ISBN 0-9616163-0-X


*** 24 May 2014 ***
LA DOUA - A humbling experience, by our chairperson

Living and working in Lyon, France and enjoying a sunny weekend while remembering that in the US Memorial Day weekend has started, I decided to give my car a spin and head for one of
France's 265 national military cemeteries in neighbouring Villeurbanne. I was not prepared for the humbling experience of this visit. Although the official Lyon tourist website talks about
"military personnel of all nationalities killed during WWI and WWII, particularly Belgian, English and American troops", I was unable to find US soldiers.

I did find soldiers from Belgium, Italy, Poland, French Indochina (roughly Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos), Madagascar, Russia, Senegal, Algeria, Tunesia, Morocco, United Kingdom and
New Zealand though. "La Doua" was inaugurated in 1954 on former military land. The location is dominated by a wall in the center. A place of execution for numerous prisoners in the period 1943 to
May 1944, transported from military prison Montluc in Lyon. In fact, the prison's location is within walking distance of where I actually live.

The cemetery is the final resting place for 6359 persons who died while serving France ("morts pour la France"). 3622 WWI casualties who died in Lyon hospitals or were relocated from burial sites
in the Lyon area. 2723 are WWII casualties, relocated from field graves or community graves in the Lyon area. It is also the final resting place of 5 soldiers who were killed in action in Indochina,
7 in Algeria and one in Lebanon.

I knew that I should not start my journey with the notion of comparing LA DOUA with the American Battle Monuments Commission sites. The cemetery is neatly kept with the lawn mowed, some nice
shrubs and modelled trees. It was a little shocking though to notice the deterioration of many of the markers as well as the few fresh flowers. I also witnessed the absence of a flag being flown
anywhere on the site. However, I learned a lot, about Zouaves and Spahis for example. And the story of the horrendous murder of Victor Basch and his wife, both 80 years of age.

Yet, so much much spilled much heroism and cowardice...a legacy to be treasured. LEST WE FORGET!

*** 30 March 2014 ***
As promised, some links to the main events for the 70th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy and Operation Market Garden.
Bastogne (Belgium) will hold its traditional Memorial Walk on Saturday 13 December 2014.
Mark your calendars!

- A comprehense and nicely filled calendar of events.
- Information on the flights of the Dakota and jumps over Normandy.

- A huge event involving hundreds of authentic WWII vehicles and thousands of re-enactors.
- Annual massive parachute jump event near Arnhem.

*** 29 March 2014 ***
Where others are tremendously busy preparing for the 70th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge, we have been using all available time and
energy on the new version of the P.M. Pulles rosters SCREAMING EAGLES OF WWII.

Formerly consisting of 6 separate booklets (101 Headquarters, Artillery, 327/401 GIR, 501 PIR, 502 PIR and 506 PIR) and a separate book named
Honored Dead of WWII, we have decided on a professional approach in the new version. Unfortunately, this means that the new publication will not be out until summertime.

The new version will have integrated all 7 former books into ONE bound reference catalogue which will be printed instead of being copied. The new publication will have approximately
20% new data. As of today, we are in the process of finalizing the introduction of the new version. April will give us the opportunity to select a quality printing company, request a new
ISBN and set a price for the new version. The new price will include Dutch value added tax and a small profit margin in order for us to invest in the continuing work on the content.

Integrating the 7 books into one allows us to work more cost effective: a standard price for postage set for one weight and destination, and a standard packaging method, for example.
It also gives us the opportunity to work on the next version over a period of years - which is how long it takes to insert a large new source of information as we did with this version.

We will post the price for the new version as soon as it becomes availabe in April.
You may pre-order (no obligations) by sending us an email.
More information on the content of the P.M. Pulles books.

*** 5 January 2014 ***

A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all - may 2014 bring you blue skies and perfect PLF's!

Catching up on our latest news:
Mid December 2013, the complete board of governors was present at the Bastogne Memorial Walk in Belgium and a meeting was held.

The main topic of this meeting was our plan for 2014: the organisation of Operation Torch 2014. *****It was unanimously decided to cancel the trip.*****
We are very sorry to disappoint the people who have shown their interest, but we strongly feel that after the untimely passing away of our treasurer Hubert Hover last November,
we will not be able to deliver what we promise. It's time for our Foundation to halt, reflect and adjust our plans for the future. We will, however, in the near future start a list of all celebrations
of 70 years of liberation across Europe (Normandy, Operation Market Garden and Bastogne) as there is a promise of many activities.

The Bastogne Memorial Walk weekend also brought us the opportunity to meet most members of the British NO SLACK Living History Group who portray the 2/327 unit in Vietnam.
The 1st Brigade Combat Team "BASTOGNE", 327 Infantry Regiment greatly appreciates the group's efforts in keeping the memory alive of an important part of the regiment's history:
the Vietnam era.
In October 2013 the group was awarded the Honorary Membership of the Regiment. Colonel Campbell was present in Bastogne, Belgium to present the HMOR certificate.


Visit the NO SLACK website and leave a message of congrats! Keep up the good work, guys.


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