The following items are the result of sorting out the late P.M. Pulles' archive consisting of years of correspondence with WWII veterans and fellow researchers.
We will be adding as we work our way through the archives.
In this way, we hope to be a channel for family members and researchers to find additional information.

When available, we will always mention the source of the information. In case you find a source is missing or you know the data is incorrect or incomplete, we invite you to
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17 September 1944: Pathfinder Dakota crash Kortijnen / Retie (Belgium)

A story of shared history, quests for closure and mutual cooperation.

An icon: Eisenhower addressing 502PIR - 5 June 1944

But wait...there's more to the story

Glider crash Oisterwijk, The Netherlands 18 September 1944
the story of 1Lt Ray J. HILTUNEN, 326/B Engineers, 101 Airborne Division
1944 artificial harbor at ARROMANCHES, Normandy (France)
327 Glider Infantry Regiment medics

Correcting a wrong - in honor of pvt King R. PALMER jr (501PIR, Reg. HQ, S-2)
KIA in September 1944 near Nijmegen, The Netherlands


Glider crash in Kruishoutem, Belgium on 19 September 1944, carrying 14 men of 327 GIR, B Company
Letter to the editor - published in the local Croton on Hudson news on 1 March 1945
Written by Pfc Eugene T. CAVANAGH, 501/G PIR while still in the European Theatre of Operations


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