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This item is the result of sorting out the late P.M. Pulles' archive consisting of years of correspondence with WWII veterans and fellow researchers.

By posting the information on our website, we hope to be a channel for family members and researchers to find additional information.

We will always mention the source of the information. In case you find a source is missing or you know the data is incorrect or incomplete, we invite you to drop us a line.

Pfc Eugene T. CAVANAGH (WWII 501/G) passed away in February 2015 at the blessed aged of 93.

The 'Everything Croton' website dedicated to anything related to Croton on Hudson, New York had just posted this letter to the editor from 1945 when they were informed about mr Cavanagh's passing.

In June 2014, mr Cavanagh was interviewed on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The picture below is cropped from the original photograph of that article.

original photo:

RIP trooper and thank you for our freedom

photo: Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation

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