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327 Glider Infantry Regiment medics

Carefully scrutinizing the archive of P.M. Pulles, original author of the 'Screaming Eagles of WWII' reference book, we came across this little note written in 1986 by Mike FRIEL,
himself WWII combat medic of the 327GIR, 101ABN. The note was a reply to Pulles' request for Friel to check a list of 327 men who had been killed in action.

There is so much sorrow in those few lines.... 'all of them died at Veghel and Eindhoven while given (sic) first aid to casualties'. And: 'I identified them'.

FRIEL (no photo available) passed away in 1987. His comrades Pfc ABRAHAM (no photo available), T/5 MILLER and Pfc SCHERRER were all killed in action in Veghel, The Netherlands on either the 22nd
or 24th of September 1944. As far as we have been able to discover, MILLER was awarded the Silver Star medal for his actions in Normandy (General Orders #15, 1944).

We salute these young men who saw terrible suffering, who sacrificed all, and, as in the case of Mike FRIEL, had to live his life with horrible memories.

Our heroes. RIP soldiers. Thank you for our freedom.

Picture: 1946 Milwaukee Journal
For an interesting account of a combat medic in WWII, you may want to read the story of John W. GIBSON (506PIR)

Click the picture to find more on T/5 Raymond L. MILLER and the citations for his bronze and silver star.

This item is the result of sorting out the late P.M. Pulles' archive consisting of years of correspondence with WWII veterans and fellow researchers.

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