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An icon: Eisenhower addressing 502PIR - 5 June 1944

By June 1944 propaganda systems were working full throttle on both Axis and Allied fronts.

This famous and widely published picture (US Army photography) of General Dwight D. Eisenhower talking to 502PIR troopers prior to loading for D-Day
is an excellent example of PR used to promote goodwill for the cause.


Nowadays, on the internet, you can find more photographs in the same series such as the one on the left here. It has been suggested that this shot is a still from an existing film of the event.

Nevertheless, it is quite obvious why the first one was chosen for publication. It is a strong image with the focus on a leader addressing attentive and ready troops.

Lt Wallace C. STROBEL (with the '23-sign') recorded his side of the story.


But there is more to the picture.

Sgt Schuyler W. JACKSON ('Sky'), 502/E (demolition, Silver Star medal for actions in Normandy), is right in the center of the photo. Sky passed away in 1993.

THANK YOU for our freedom, brave troopers

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