Tales of World War II

*** Have you ever heard of North Platte, Nebraska? A little love and care goes a long way....

*** The PENNELL brothers in WWII " by Petra Wenstedt-Pulles (re: 1st Lt Robert Maxwell PENNELL, 101st ABN / 506 PIR HQ)

*** excerpt from "TALE OF A TROOPER" by Elroy V. Huwe (101st ABN / 501 PIR HQ)

*** THE STORY OF A PURPLE HEART CITATION and a search for the medal's owner (Richard E. Owen 101st ABN / 506 PIR, E Co)

*** SILENT WINGS an interview with Douglas Wilmer (Glider Pilot, 87th Sq, 438th TC Gp WWII)

*** ELDON ABRAHAMSEN by Kurt Barickman (3rd pl, Item Co, 502 PIR WWII)
*** INTRODUCTION and 3 stories about Benny Cohen (101st ABN Division/401 GIR/B Co WWII) *** CHRISTMAS TIME IN THE CITY by Arthur J. Schmitz (101st ABN Division/HQ Signal Co WWII)
*** LETTERS HOME of Andrew E. Tuck III (101st ABN Division/506 PIR/F Co WWII) *** MEMORIES OF DUBOIS by Albert Roxs (citizen of Eindhoven during WWII) *** ALIAS by Richard E. Turner (101st ABN Division/506 PIR/B Co WWII) BACK